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Organizing a pilgrimage to the Shrine

In order to organize a pilgrimage, one has to have in mind some very important previous aspects: a good organization will originate a peaceful and fruitful pilgrimage. Therefore, take in consideration the following elements:


1. Type of pilgrimage

a)The group plans to join in the official program of the Shrine (for example a pilgrimage for a week-end);  

b) The group wants to establish its own program with its own priest who will preside at the celebrations and will guide spiritually his group; 

c) The group wants to join in the official program of the Shrine and have also its own activities. 


2. Number of pilgrims

For private celebrations, places must be prepared. Their availability could be conditioned by their capacity (and the number of pilgrims who take part in the pilgrimage).


3. Date and duration of stay in Fatima

During the International Anniversary Pilgrimages (12th and 13th from May to October), there are a large number of requests; it is then difficult to find places and time slots for private celebrations for the programs of the Shrine have priority.  

A group that stays more than one day in Fatima can prepare a very diverse program (rosary and candlelight procession, night vigil, film about the message of Fatima, etc.)


4. Pilgrimage identification

The Shrine wishes to provide the pilgrims with current and adequate information about the message of Fatima and the Shrine, and to match intrinsic and consistently the identity of the pilgrimage to the specific identity of Fatima - history, spirituality and message. 

The Shrine makes the pilgrims conscious of issues such as respect, silence and cleanliness within the prayer areas, the safeguard of personal belongings, the schedules, the active participation in the pastoral program of the Shrine, etc.


5. Aspects concerning the registration of a pilgrimage

The registration of the pilgrimage (and requests considered essential) should be sent in writing to the Pilgrims Service (SEPE): thus the loss of information and misunderstandings are avoided. It is important to register the pilgrimage in time: a successful pilgrimage will mostly depend on a good and timely preparation.

Elements to be sent:

  • Identification of the group/organizing entity, parish and diocese;
  • Name, address and phone number/fax of the person in charge of the pilgrimage;
  • Name of the priest /spiritual guide who joins in the group (if any);
  • Date of pilgrimage and if there is one the name of the accommodation;
  • Number of pilgrims.

The Service of Pilgrims’ contacts are:

Attn. SEPE, Santuário de Fátima, Apartado 31, 2496-908 Fátima
Phone : (+351) 249 539 608
Fax: (+351) 249 539 605
Email: [email protected]



15 apr 2024

Rosary, in the Chapel of the Apparitions

  • 12h00

Mass, in Portuguese, in the Chapel of the Apparitions

  • 12h30
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