Places of the apparitions

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Chapel of the Apparitions

The chapel of the Apparitions is the "heart" of the Shrine of Fatima.

It was in the place of the Chapel that our Lady talked to the little shepherds. Out of the six apparitions of the Virgin Mary, five of them happened in this place – May, June, July, September and October – where, by the Lady’s indication, a chapel in her honour was to be constructed. Built between April 28 and June 15, 1919, it was later blessed, having Mass been celebrated there for the first time on October 13, 1921. Dynamited in the morning of  March 6, 1922, it was restored and reopened on January 13, 1923.

Though it was subjected to minor changes, the little Chapel of the Apparitions maintains the original traits, which are characteristic of a popular hermitage. The current porch was inaugurated during the first visit of John Paul II to the Shrine of Fatima, on the 12th and 13th of May 1982. During the Marian Year, in 1988, the ceiling was lined with pinewood, from northern Siberia, a wood chosen for its lightness and durability.

The plinth where the statue of Our Lady lies marks the site where the small holm oak on which the Lady of the Rosary appeared used to be.

The Chapel’s organ was built by the organ maker Gerhard Grenzing. It has twelve records and two manual keyboards and pedal. Dedicated almost exclusively to the accompaniment of the celebrations, it allows, thanks to its particularly cared timbres, the interpretation of sacred repertoire works in a liturgical framework.

The Image of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima

The sculpture of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima venerated in the Chapel of the Apparitions was offered in 1920 by Gilberto Fernandes dos Santos, from Torres Novas, blessed on  May 13, of that year, in the Parish Church of Fatima, and brought to the Chapel one month later. It was solemnly crowned on the May 13, 1946 by Cardinal Aloisi Masella, pontifical legate.

The precious crown, that the image bears only on the days of great pilgrimages, was offered by the women of Portugal, on  October 13, 1942. This is made of gold, weighs 1,2 kilograms and contains 313 pearls and 2679 precious stones. It’s a unique example and of high artistic and estimated value. In 1989, the bullet extracted from the body of John Paul II after the attack in Rome on May 13, 1981, and offered by him to the Shrine on March 26, 1984, was incrusted to the crown.

The sculpture, a work of José Ferreira Thedim, from São Mamede do Coronado, is made of wood (cedar from Brazil) and is 1,04 meter high. It was modified by its author in 1951 and subsequently restored several times.



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Loca do Cabeço

The Loca do Cabeço is the place where, according to the Fatima sources, the first and the third apparition of the Angel to the seers took place.

The images that stand there, representing the Angel and the three children, are from Maria Amélia Carvalheira da Silva. The grid, in forged iron, is the work of Domingos Soares Branco.


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The Well of Arneiro

On the backyard of Lucia's house there is a well that became known because of the second apparition of the Angel, in the summer of 1916. It was there that Jacinta had a vision of the holy father crying and praying on his knees in a big house.

The images of the Angel and the little shepherds that exist there are the work of the sculptress Maria Irene Vilar.




Between the 8th and 9th station of the Way of the Cross in the Path of the little Shepherds, there is the place where the fourth apparition of Our Lady, on August 19, 1917, ocurred.

The monument that marks the event was constructed with donations from the Hungarian Catholics. The image was sculptured by Maria Amélia Cavalheira da Silva and the niche where it stands was architected by António Lino.



21 jun 2024

Mass, in Spanish, in the Chapel of the Apparitions

  • 19h15

Rosary, in the Chapel of the Apparitions, and candle procession in the Prayer Area

  • 21h30
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