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Shrine of Fatima

Live transmission

Services and people

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Services of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima

As a place that keeps the memory of the Fatima event, a centre of pilgrimage and a place of study of the message of de Lady of the Rosary, the Shrine of Fatima features a large team of collaborators who, in their different functions, contribute to the specific mission that is entrusted to it.


The Rector of the Shrine of Fatima has the responsibility of:

a) presiding to the life of the Shrine, ensuring its openness and coordination with the Diocese, the Portuguese Episcopal Conference and the Apostolic See, and deciding on the Shrine’s organic, in line with its rules;
b) promoting the relationship of the Shrine of Fatima with other national and foreign Shrines;
c) applying its own jurisdiction, in the terms in which it is appointed to him by the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, namely in what regards the residents in the Shrine’s area;
d) preserving the “sources” of the Message of Fatima and promoting its awareness and diffusion, through appropriate studies, by establishing cooperation agreements with other entities as seen convenient;
e) promoting, with pastoral charity care, the adequate hospitality to pilgrims, in an effort to make their pilgrimage a strong moment of evangelization, conversion and adoration, according to the spirit of the Message of Our Lady;
f) establishing the necessary contacts with civil authorities, in order to preserve the Shrine’s dignity and its proper integration in the city, which was built around the Shrine;
g) ensuring the quality of all the activity of the Shrine and caring for the appropriate training of all pastoral agents serving at the Shrine;
h) discerning, through dialogue with the bishop of Leiria-Fatima, an appropriate way of receiving groups of pilgrims from other Christian denominations or even from other religions.


Rector | Fr. Doctor Carlos Cabecinhas
Vice-Rector | Fr. Doctor Vítor Coutinho

Contacts | [email protected]


Environment and Construction Department

The Environment and Construction Department has the mission of programming and accompanying the constructions at the Shrine’s area that are needed for the improvement of the pilgrims’ hospitality, as well as for the normal function of the Shrine itself.


Director | Fr. Doctor Carlos Cabecinhas

Contacts | [email protected]    


Lodging Department

The Lodging Department has the mission of providing the pilgrims, in groups or individually, with conditions of accommodation and meals in the houses that belong to the Shrine, as well as managing the use of the spaces and equipment for the realization of pastoral activities.


Director | Cristina Fernandes

Contacts | [email protected]


Administration Department

The Administration Department has the mission of providing the necessary services for the Shrine of Fatima’s human, financial, patrimonial and commercial resources management. It has the responsibility of preparing a budget and ensuring that it is implemented.


Director | Fr. Doctor Carlos Cabecinhas

Contacts | [email protected]


Pastoral Care of the Sick Department

The Pastoral Care of the Sick Department has the mission of receiving pilgrims in a situation of health impairement, providing them with moments of spiritual retreat and supporting health caregivers.


Director | Fr. Manuel Antunes

Contacts | [email protected]


Study and Diffusion Department

The Study and Diffusion Department is responsible for the study, in the light of the epistemology of modern science, of the documental 'corpus' on the “Fatima” phenomenon. It has the mission of keeping and studying different informational materials regarding the History and the Message of Fatima, through the critical edition and study of the historical sources, through the integrated management of information with probative, administrative and legal character, as well as of the documental collection on the “Fatima” phenomenon, and through the preservation, study, valorisation and diffusion of the historical-artistic patrimony of the Shrine. The Museum of the Shrine of Fatima is also under the guardianship of this service.


Director | Doctor Marco Daniel Duarte

Director | [email protected]
General | [email protected]
Multimedia Archive | [email protected]
Art and Patrimony | [email protected]


Executive Department of the Centenary

The Executive Department of the Centenary aims at introducing the dynamism of the centenary of the apparitions of Fatima in the life of the Shrine and at enriching the usual program of the Shrine with the exceptional character of the event in the various dimensions of the celebrative act: prayerful celebration, memory, reflection, rituality, festivity, exceptionally, individuality and community. It also aims at serving the knowledge and diffusion of Fatima, involving the pilgrims of the Shrine, the devotees of Fatima of other local contexts, and the whole community.


Director | Fr. Doctor Vítor Coutinho

Contacts | [email protected]


Promotion and Preservation of the Environment Department

The Promotion and Preservation of the Environment Department is entrusted to the watchers-sacristans, whose mission is to ensure the necessary conditions for the safety of the pilgrims and for an adequate environment in the Shrine. The department provides also support to the organization of the celebrations of the Shrine.


Director | André Silva

Contacts | [email protected]


Liturgical Pastoral Department

The Liturgical Pastoral Department has the mission of coordinating and dynamize the celebrative dimension of the Shrine. It is the responsibility of this Department the elaboration of guideline for the celebrations, the appointment of the different ministries involved, the preparation and care for the places of celebration, the liturgical vessels and adornments, as well as the coordination of the group of volunteers in liturgy.


Director | Fr. Sérgio Henriques

Contacts | [email protected]


Pilgrims Department

The Pilgrims Department has the mission of serving those who come to the Shrine, helping in the preparation of pilgrimages and visits, receiving the pilgrims and providing support in exploring the space, the activities and the various organisms of the Shrine.


Director |  Doctor Pedro Valinho Gomes

Contacts | [email protected]




Mass, in Portuguese, in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima


Rosary, in the Chapel of the Apparitions



Gift shop of the Shrine of Fatima