01 february, 2018


Protocol establishes a research unit on the events of Fatima

Department of Studies Fatima Worldwide will promote the study of the event and promote the Message of Fatima. 

This morning in Lisbon, the Shrine of Fatima, represented by its Department of Studies, signed a protocol of cooperation with several investigation institutions, through which it was created the Department of Studies Fatima Worldwide, a research unit that will support investigation projects, research, the release of scientific works, the holding of seminars, training courses and cultural and scientific events.

“This cooperation agreement is part of the effort that the Shrine of Fatima has been making throughout the years to promote  the studies on Fatima, by granting access to all the researchers to the documentation on the events of Cova da Iria, said the rector of the Shrine of Fatima, father Carlos Cabecinhas, after signing the protocol.

According to the rector of the Shrine, the agreement that was signed presents an opportunity to “highlight an aspect that the Shrine has always embraced as its mission: the promotion of the study and event of the Message of Fatima”.

“This agreement may enhance the study and the interest of the researchers in Fatima and help us to have a more comprehensive view of this phenomenon and its Message, through the multiple perspectives embodied on the several academic disciplines.” Mentioned the priest.

To the director of the Department of Studies of the Shrine, Marco Daniel Duarte, this protocol “marks a culminating point, which is connected to all the work that has been made by the Shrine of Fatima on the study of its primary sources”.

Foreseeing the future, the responsible for the studies of the Shrine of Fatima, highlights the creation of the Department of Studies Fatima Worldwide” as an “unit that will allow an impartial approach to Fatima”.

“Within some time, we think that there will be master’s degree and doctorate thesis, made on public universities, that can study the human behavior around the event of Fatima, which is worldwide since the beginning”. Foresaw the director of the Department of Studies.

The agreement ceremony, which took place at the Aberta University head office in Lisbon was attended by the signing partner institutions: Shrine of Fatima and its Department of Studies, Aberta University; The Chair Infante D. Henrique for the Atlantic Insular studies and Globalization: The Center of Literatures and Lusophone and European Cultures of the Faculty of Arts (University of Lisbon) and the European Institute of Sciences and Culture Fr. Manuel Antunes.



19 jun 2024

Rosary, in the Chapel of the Apparitions, and candle procession in the Prayer Area

  • 21h30
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