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Shrine of Fatima

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[International Congress 2017] Thinking Fatima. Interdisciplinary readings


Congresso 2017 Pensar Fatima_cartaz PT.jpg


Thinking Fatima. Interdisciplinary readings

International Congress of the Centennial of Fatima

June 21 to 24, 2017 | 

Good Shepherd's Hall | Paul VI Pastoral Centre

In 2017, the Shrine of Fatima celebrates the centennial of the apparitions that were at its origin. The religious and socio-cultural impact that the phenomenon resulting from this initial impulse had on Portugal and even beyond its borders is unquestionable. Transformed into a place of pilgrimage for believers and non-believers from the whole world, Fatima is a manifestation of various and rich individual and social dynamics. At the same time, throughout the last 100 years, it strongly influenced Portuguese Catholicism, in various dimensions. Given the increasing internationalization, namely through the attention it received from the last Popes, this influence expanded to a global scale. In their reference to Fatima, different people, groups and lifestyles interact: Christian and non-Christian believers, unbelievers, spirituality marked by strong popular religiosity and Christians in search for formation, Christian intellectuals, artists, both believers and non-believers, in search of an eventual experience of transcendence. From this plural movement, throughout the decades, Fatima turned into an extremely rich and multifaceted phenomenon. As such, it requires study and reflection, so that reasoning may accompany, without eliminating or substituting, the life of those who find in Fatima a regular and ritual reference for their existences. 

In the context of the celebration of the centennial, the Shrine of Fatima, in collaboration with the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic University of Portugal, has been promoting various symposiums, which will culminate in an International Congress, of scientific and academic character, that will take place from the 21st to the 24th of June 2017. In that Congress, several dimensions of Fatima will be studied, in an interdisciplinary perspective: Theology, Sociology, Psychology, Culture, History, Art, etc. 

The interventions will be divided into plenary conferences, thematic conferences and papers proposed by researchers. In this way, the organization intends to encourage researchers to study this phenomenon, either in itself and from its documental resources, or in comparison with other similar phenomena.