Compassion is an experience in Fatima. The epiphany, which takes place in Fatima, flows from a compassionate look of a saddened God with the tragedy of mankind history, saddened with its sufferings and disagreements, with its trenches and selfishness. Fatima breaks out, in the beginning of the twentieth century, as an echo of the Gospel, as an echo of good news and mercy, history’s transforming word, prophetic witness of another way of being, revelation of God’s compassion towards the suffering humankind.

The Angel had already evoked this “tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven” (Lk 1,78) by stating that “The Hearts of Jesus and Mary have merciful purposes on you”. There are two words that close the Fatima event, and illustrate the vision of Tuy – Grace and Mercy – which serve as an entrance gate to the Trinitarian mystery of God, to the Mystery of God-communion-of-love that meets the misery suffered by humankind. In a world thirsty of a fulfilled life but unable to meet the source and committed to build “their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water” (Jer 2,13), it’s the source itself that meets who thirsts, since the kingdom of God is similar to a shepherd who leaves everything behind in the search for a missing sheep (Lk 15,3-7). 



25 feb 2024

Mass, in Portuguese, in the Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity

  • 16h30

Rosary, in the Chapel of the Apparitions

  • 18h30
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